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Music: Calming tunes proven to help you meditate 

Countless forms of stress relief could help you settle your nerves. However, nothing works as well as music when it comes to helping you come down from your anxiety attacks or panic. 

If you are feeling a little jumpy or restless, this list of songs might just help you bring back peace into your life. These songs are proven by science to have a soothing melody that can be translated as tranquillity to your brain. Take a look at the song titles below while you sit down and listen to every tune in our recommendation list!

Marconi Union ‘Weightless’

Marconi Union might not be your mainstream brand, but they are musicians who dedicate their talents and crafts to creating music that is helpful to their listeners. This English ambient music band has continuously worked with sound therapists to create relaxing songs for the world. 

They recognize that with the world we are living in today, it can be hard to feel relaxed and at peace. This is the thought that led to the creation of the song ‘weightless’. Just as the title of the song suggests, during the time that you are listening to this ambient music, you will feel as if the whole weight of your stressful life has been lifted off of you. Your mind would feel relaxed as if it is floating down a calm stream. 

According to the British Academy of Sound Therapy, the song weightless has a sustaining rhythm that gradually decreases. This allows your heart to adjust to the sound and simultaneously decrease your heart rate, which calms your mind down. 

Airstream ‘Electra’ 

The song Electra by Airstream has a lot of similarities in the way that it also has a sustaining rhythm that decreases in time to help your heart level its beats with the rhythm. The tempo of this song matches the resting heart rate at 60 beats per minute. 

What makes this song relaxing is the absence of low and heavy bass in its melody, which creates less taxing music to your nervous system. Moreover, the song has a mid-range frequency which allows your mind to follow the rhythm soundly.

If you like a bit of a hip-hop beat to your chill music, this song is perfect for you. It’s not extreme but it has character! We also recommend this piece for the yoga fans out there who are looking for the perfect background song to their sun salutations. 

DJ Shah ‘Mellomaniac’ 

DJ Shah outdid himself on this one. The Mellomaniac song in his chillout collection definitely hit the spot for those who are looking to find peace in music. Despite not being something that you would imagine for a comforting tune, the Mellomaniac chillout song is one of the highly recommended calming music by scientists. What makes this song relaxing is the reverb guitar that is played aligned with the ostinato. 

The repetitive musical pattern of Mellomaniac creates an even pace to your heartbeat, which allows your heart to relax and calm down after a panic attack or an exhausting day. Aside from that, the repeating pattern of melody allows your mind to simply feel the music rather than try to analyse it. This gives you time to simply soak at the moment without troubling your mind with any thought. 

The beat of this song is a bit sensual combined with a characteristic mellowness that makes it all the more satisfying to listen to. We can even go as far as to say that this music’s rainstick sound combined with conga-like drum beats allows the mind to conjure an image of a tropical island getaway where you simply watch the sun dip down the horizon. 

Enya ‘watermark’ 

Enya is an artist that became popular with her song Only Time, which is an equally relaxing piece. However, it is incomparable to her ambient music called watermark. This simple piano arrangement, unlike most of the songs mentioned thus far, has a subtle hint of human voices in the background to give it more depth as well as a story. 

It is a kind of song that tickles the imagination to conjure an image. The beat layering the chorus is a synthesiser accompaniment that creates a white noise in the background of the song. This white noise is proven by science to induce tranquillity and soothe your mind after a long and tiring day. 

Coldplay ‘Strawberry Swing’ 

Coldplay has a way of making its listeners feel calm and relaxed and this song is a testament to their prowess in the music industry since it is the first relaxing music on the list with lyrics. 

Strawberry Swing is proof that not all relaxing music has to be instrumental to be soothing. Instead of a simple song that gives you peace of mind, this song by Coldplay promotes a sense of contentment that no other song could provide. Even if you read into the music, your mind would still feel relaxed with the soothing message of the song. 

Barcelona ‘Please don’t go’

Much like Electra, the sign please don’t go by Barcelona lacks a heavy bass sound, which makes it easier for your nervous system to listen to. Moreover, the mid-range frequency of the piano and string instruments in the song creates a calming tune. To top it all off, the sign is also sung in a minor key, which is characteristic of sad songs. 

This song is meant to trigger a sad emotion in a way that allows you to release what you have been bottling inside. 

All Saints ‘Pure shores’

This song by All Saints is a critically acclaimed dream-pop song that became popular for its relaxing tune and classic 2000s vibes. It has that main character tune that allows you to dream of a careless day prancing around the picturesque shoreline of a beach. This song also got featured in Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie called ‘The Beach’. 

What makes this song beautiful is that it keeps your mind at an optimal state despite the rather upbeat melody of the song. The groovy beat would certainly make you feel light on your feet with its captivating tune. 

Adele ‘Someone like you’ 

Perhaps one of the most popular songs on this list, Someone like you is a song that has received several accolades including a Grammy. According to researchers, the beat, melody and lyrics of this song are made to trigger an emotion of sadness in the audience. In short terms, it is meant to make you cry.

Mozart ‘Canzonetta Sull’aria’ 

Unlike most of Mozart’s songs, this classic has a light and uncomplicated tune that your mind could easily follow. What’s beautiful about this song is that it doesn’t ask much from you or trigger your emotions in a way that would force tears out of you. It is simply created to keep your mind at peace. 

Cafe Del Mar ‘We can fly’ 

We can fly is surely a soothing song to listen to. However, the reason why it is last on the list is that this song has no discernible melody. There is nothing for you to get hooked to and it has no beat for you to follow. Some researchers describe this sign as more like a noise or a mesh of different sounds. 

Despite all that, it isn’t actually as bad as you think. The song we can fly has a mid-tempo that encourages your mind to conjure an image of a far-out place. True to its title, this song can make you feel like you’re flying. The white noise playing in the background also gives it a relaxing air that effectively soothes the mind. 

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