Indian conman arrested after marrying 18 women

According to a report published by investigators on February 21, Bibhu Prakash Swain is believed to be married to 18 women. The evidence of the existence of his wives was seen in his mobile phone where Bibhu saved their numbers. The contact name of the wives was based on the city where Bibhu met them and where they stayed. Some of the names found on Bibhu’s phone are Madam Assam, Madam Delhi and Madam Uttar Pradesh.

In the early reports, there are speculations saying that Bibhu is actually married to 27 women in 10 different states. When questioned about his motives by the state police before his arrest on February 12, Bibhu mentioned that he did his crimes mainly for money and sexual pleasures.  

According to the senior police officer Sanjiv Satpathy, Bibhu is a 67-year-old man who poses as a 51-year-old doctor on dating websites. Throughout this farce, Bibhu managed to scam professors, lawyers, paramilitary officers and medics all over the country to tie the knot with him. Since India is a status-conscious nation, many of the women said yes after Bibhu claimed that he has a chunky salary. Bibhu even used fake IDs and appointment letters to make his credentials appear believable. The man even faked his family background.

Satpathy’s team managed to arrest Bibhu roughly 10 days ago after attempting to trail him for months. The police discovered the multiple bank accounts, identities and two wedding plans that Bibhu had scheduled in February and March. 

Satpathy described Bibhu as someone who is persuasive. Most of his targets are women successful in their own careers and are single, widowed or divorced in their late 40s. After a few happy and satisfying days into the marriage, Bibhu would make up lies that would convince his wives to let him borrow their money and jewellery. He would then leave the woman to jump onto another target. 

The reason why it took so long for Bibhu to be caught was that the women he victimized are too scared to come forward to the police. Moreover, they felt ashamed to admit that they have been conned by their new husband. Bibhu used this fear to his advantage. 

Aside from his growing affairs, Bibhu also reportedly ran a medical lab where doctors and other staff went for months without getting paid. He also defrauded 13 banks and forged up to 128 credit cards. 

The discovery of Bibhu’s crimes was exposed after his 48-year-old wife discovered that Bibhu is married to at least 7 other women. Understandably, the wife was angry and demanded an investigation. There, the police discovered more victims to Bibhu’s con man act that led to his arrest after a month of trailing.       

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