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Here at Rhomtech Design, we have a team of dedicated writers who travel the world looking for factual and authentic information that would benefit you and your interests. If you are a fan of the arts, fashion and more, we have the perfect articles for you to keep you informed on the subjects that catch your fancy. 

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Become a well-informed citizen and subscribe to our page today. Here at Rhotech Design, we offer you an assortment of topics that cover all subjects including arts, fashion, news and more. If authentic and never before seen information is what you are looking for, then this is the blog for you! Take a look at our blog categories below and find which topics you are passionate about. 


Arts have always been part of human life. You can say that the purest form of beauty reflects highly on art and thus, it is important. For our art blogs, we wish to give exposure to the different and new art forms that exist around the world. 

Our writers who have devoted their time to this cause have roamed the world in search of all kinds of unique artworks to see how well it reflects our nature as humans as well as the world around us. For this topic, you will find the following articles: 

  • Gilda Williams on the first London Gallery week 
  • The jealous curator who curated modern art
  • Bowl from the eighth or ninth century
  • Sand and foxes from dozens of interchange of traditions and economics
  • 7,000 year outdated stamped seal presented in prehistoric Levant village
  • Information bees by Ludo in Paris, France


Fashion has come a long way. It is a part of our culture that evolves with us as we transition into new beliefs and ideals. Allow us to show you the different topics we have about fashion and indulge you with new titles that might interest your inner fashionista!

  • An algae-rich pores and skincare routine from Klavuu
  • Megan Fox goes shirtless underneath blazer after photoshoot
  • Regina Elizabetta: The Queen’s reigning looks 
  • Superstar style: What to put on in a runway
  • It doesn’t get a lot higher than Jay-Z’s royal oak
  • Megan Fox wore an oversized button-down as a gown 
  • Greatest low-cost sandals to have! 


Getting fit can be difficult, especially when you don’t have a guide! For this reason, we have decided to give you a helping hand by providing you with the information you need to achieve the perfect and flawless body of your dreams. Come and review our fitness blogs below: 

  • Slimming foods you should have in your diet
  • Fastest ways to lose weight 
  • Healthy exercise routine 
  • How to reduce back and shoulder fat 
  • How to make your legs appear longer! 

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