What are the best video games that you can play in 2022?

When you look at the late  2010s and the early 2020s, you can see that video games have gone up in quality. Different genres have been represented well and the classic titles have received remakes and reboots. With so many choices in the gaming world, it is hard to decide which one to buy. 

Apart from the number of consoles that you can purchase, there are countless games that you can play on those platforms. However, people don’t have an unlimited amount of money to use which is why people need lists to help them know what games are widely recommended by the gaming world.  

If you’re a reader of Rhomtech Design, you will see that gaming is always a hot topic here. People rely on insightful pieces about the best video games and 2022 is set to improve as the year goes on. The year has started well with some titles which are why you should look into some of the best video games that you can play this year.

Elden Ring

The Soulslike or Soulsborne subgenre of video games have become increasingly popular over the years. Games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne were the standard for this subgenre but that has changed with the introduction of open-world mechanics. From Software did a fantastic job of mixing the two subgenres because Elden Ring is the perfect mix of both games.

It is one of the most challenging games but beating the enemy boss after multiple tries is one of the best catharsis you will experience in gaming. It also helps that From took note of every mechanic that makes open-world games so appealing to players. 

This game will be the standard for both Soulsborne and open-world games for a long time because even if it was released early in 2022, it is the favourite to win the game of the year awards at the end of the year.

Horizon Forbidden West

Back in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn was a smash hit for PlayStation 4 users as it showed what the open-world subgenre is capable of. With an amazing story based around the protagonist, Aloy, Horizon Forbidden West does not disappoint. It follows Aloy once again as she looks to traverse areas that were only dreamt of in the game’s world.

It retains most of the mechanics that made HZD such a stupendous game. HFW uses the PS5 to its fullest and it’s not surprising that it is seen as one of the best games of 2022 so far. 


Action beat ‘em up games were a big hit back in the 1990s but as time progressed, the genre slowly fizzled out. Games like Fatal Fury and Streets of Rage were still popular but they didn’t capture mainstream attention anymore. This changed in 2022 when an independent studio called Sloclap released Sifu.

The game is a modern take on the beat ‘em genre as Sloclap proved that this type of game can still be one of the most enjoyable games in the gaming world. You should try it out because it is one of the best experiences you can have in the gaming space in 2022.

Those are just some of the top games that you can check out, look forward to the releases later on in the year that can eclipse these three games.

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